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~Welcome, humans & sugar-bloods alike, to Kandy Land~

Two humans find themselves in the unnerving world of candy and try their best to survive its sugary terrors until they can find a way back home, but it gets a little difficult as the country is stirred into disarray, and King Giggle might not be able to maintain the country before it crumbles at the feet of his enemies.

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We're already page page 11! I find that to be a very great achievement.
Still, there's a whole lot to go.

I'm a bit delayed in the page buffer, but I'll manage it. I'm also trying to figure out ways to jazz up the main page--nothing too fancy, just, something.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by!

"So much to do!"

There's a lot to do, but I'm taking my sweet time, haha.

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