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About the comic

SSW is a story loosely inspired by a certain board game of sweets and races and funny characters. It follows the humans Felix and Brennivin as they try their best to survive this odd world as they're compelled to travel through its countries: the controversial United Capital; the powerful Agmirandva, Empire of Fire; The Great Kingdom of Frostell and its deadly beauties; the beloved Hallowlands; the treacherous Waters of the Mer; the celestial Sanctum of the Fluff and even the ruins of the Wastelands.

However, the Capital is in great peril as someone has begun stirring trouble, and King Giggle might not be able to contain it before the other monarchy--or any of his other enemies--see the deepest flaws in his reign.

This story features LGBTQ themes, violence, blood, dark humour and lots of candy. Updates Tuesday!

About the author

Kai | May 8th | Queer | Taurus
Has been drawing and making stories since at least eight years old, with no signs of stopping.
When not working on said stories, Kai can be found reading, watching cartoons and animated films, playing video games or cuddling cats, and aspires to be a profesional comic author and character animator. (And series creator, film director, novelist, puppeteer, creature maker--let's leave it at that.)

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